Circular Basque





Circular Basque is a network of organizations committed to promoting and implementing Circular Economy in Euskadi, and a space for presenting the initiatives being carried out in this field, facilitating contact between these organizations.

Circular Basque is an initiative promoted by Innobasque, the Basque Innovation Agency, in collaboration with Ihobe, the public environmental management company of the Basque government, and Aclima, the Basque Environment Cluster.

The proposal consists of an approach to the Circular Economy in Euskadi by combining four types of initiatives with three different areas of coverage (industrial, territorial and consumer-oriented), which may be summarized in the following graph:

This initiative seeks projects that improve and/or redefine products and processes and use resources more efficiently, starting from the design phase through merchandising and up to the end of useful life. This entails incorporating existing or new technologies, changes in plant models, logistic processes or business models, which would allow for the use of renewable energies and more efficient materials to prolong the useful lives of products, subject them to sensor systems, share, reuse, refabricate, recover or recycle them, and obtain the highest possible value from them at the least environmental impact.

For this reason, the organizations forming part of Circular Basque share information and initiatives relating to the Circular Economy.