Identification and assessment 15 of opportunities and threats for 16 the Circular Economy arising 17 from E-commerce

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The study falls within the framework of the current two top priorities of the Juncker Commission: “Jobs, growth and investment” and the “Digital Single Market”, and in particular the policy areas “Towards a circular economy” and “Better access for consumers and businesses to on-line goods”.

In principle, the Digital Single Market offers substantial opportunities to the development of a true Circular Economy. At the same time, threats may also exist from unbridled developments that disregard the planet’s resources, the environment and human health. This study aims to shed a better light on both these opportunities and possible threats.

The objective of the present study, launched by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and carried out by Ramboll Environment and Health in cooperation with Ramboll Management Consulting and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is to identify, describe and assess in detail important opportunities and threats that E-commerce constitutes for the Circular Economy, based on a  selection of relevant physical products.



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