Indonesia returns 19 containers full of British waste to the UK

Posted by aclimaadmin | 9 iraila, 2019 | Sektoreari buruzko albisteak

Indonesia has returned 19 containers full of British waste to the UK, according to the customs agency.

The move comes in the wake of a Telegraph investigation that revealed that children in the southeast Asian country are being poisoned by the British household recycling waste that is sent there and burnt on open dumps.

The containers were returned to the UK on the 1st August from Tanjung Perak port after they were imported by paper manufacturing company PT Mega Surya Eratama, according to official documents.

The containers contained a combination of rubbish, plastic waste and hazardous materials in violation of import rules.

Huge quantities of waste have been redirected to Southeast Asian nations after China – which used to receive the bulk of scrap plastic from around the world – closed its doors to foreign refuse last year in a bid to clean up its environment.

But the southeast Asian nation has pushed back against becoming a dumping ground for foreign waste, sending almost 250 containers seized across the archipelago back to their origin countries including the United States, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Australia and Britain.

Authorities are inspecting more than 1,000 others, a customs official said.

“Imports can’t be contaminated with toxic or dangerous materials,” said agency spokesman Deni Surjantoro.

Yuyun Ismawati Drwiega, Senior Advisor of Nexus3/BaliFokus Foundation said: “Imported plastic that cannot be recycled, mostly will be burned. Burning plastics spread toxic fumes and leaves ashes with high dioxin concentration that enters the food chain and the lungs of residents, especially children.” more


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