A Croatian company focused on climate risks is seeking partners for collaborative projects

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Croatian research and consulting company with a focus on climate change is looking for partners in Europe and beyond. The SME is interested in collaborating on EU and other project proposals with like-minded entities from the private and public sectors under research cooperation agreements to facilitate the transition to a climate-resilient and low-carbon future.

SENSUM Ltd, a business consulting company, was founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Rijeka and an additional office in Zagreb, Croatia. They have established a strong presence in both the Croatian and European markets. Over the years, Sensum has earned a reputation as a reliable partner that invests great efforts in exploring the challenges and opportunities of developing innovative ideas and trends that will lead to sustainable business.
Sensum encompasses a diverse team of experts in various fields such as climate change, environment, economics, and business consulting. They specialize in the creation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP), Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP), energy mobility plans as well as climate scenarios and can offer expertise in an array of different projects related to research and innovation actions, climate change adaptations, projects related to biodiversity protection as well as cross border mobility.
Their spin-off company is currently working on the development of Climatig (CLIMATIG), an advanced tool designed to predict climate changes on specific assets, particularly in urban and other targeted areas. Leveraging these scenarios, they can prepare comprehensive documents that outline the impact of climate change on crucial infrastructures, providing insights for planning and decision-making up until the year 2100.

Their extensive portfolio of services encompasses:
– EU funding consultancy, monitoring, and evaluation,
– Climate change projects,
– Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments,
– Carbon footprint calculations (CFP),
– Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies,
– Strategic consulting and coaching, including the development of business plans & sales strategies for SMEs,
– Assistance in doing business in Croatia and project financing,
– Marketing and sales coaching,
– Market research,
– Brand development,
– Corporate social responsibility initiatives,
– Energy performance contracting,
– Sustainable urban mobility planning,
– Cultural heritage project management,
– Rural development projects,
– Project management services.

The company is particularly interested in collaborating on EU and other project proposals with partners who share their vision for a sustainable future. Their areas of interest for collaboration include but are not limited to:

• Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
• Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies
• Research and innovation actions in climate resilience
• Biodiversity protection and conservation initiatives
• Sustainable urban mobility planning
• Cross-border mobility projects
• Carbon footprint assessment and reduction measures
• Climate change impact assessment and scenario planning

The potential partners include both businesses and public authorities, as well as academia.

Advantages and innovations

Over the course of 12 years, Sensum became a long-standing and trusted partner of both public authorities and businesses. They have successfully designed and managed over 100 projects in the public and private sectors throughout Croatia.
Their services, built upon the expertise of their dedicated team, revolve around developing climate change strategies for both public and private entities.
One of their notable achievements is the development of the CLIMATIG software (www.climatig.com), which plays a pivotal role in predicting the impacts of climate change on critical infrastructure. This innovative tool allows them to assess and analyse the potential effects of climate change, providing invaluable insights for infrastructure planning and decision-making.
Furthermore, Sensum possesses extensive experience and profound insights into climate- and risk-related adaptation and mitigation actions across all levels. This expertise enables them to offer comprehensive solutions that help businesses and public authorities effectively navigate the challenges posed by climate change.

Fuente: Enterprise Europe Network

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