Call for collaboration to supporting entities. Low Carbon Busines Action Brazil, European Union Funded Project – Phase II

Posted by aclimaadmin | marzo 1, 2018 | Ayudas y subvenciones

As a participant or collaborator entity of the program financed by the European Union LCBAB, we would like to have your cooperation by sending this communication to all of yours associated and/or members so as to have more involved companies within our partnership program on Low Carbon sectors:Energy Efficiency in buildings, Energy Efficiency in Industries, Waste Management, Renewable Energies, Biogas, Biomethane and Biomass and Low Carbon Agriculture.

All European and Brazilian companies are called to participate in LCBAB Phase II. In this sense, those European and Brazilian companies interested in deepen into the project/business opportunity and receive funding in technical assistance services to boost their commercial projects between Europe and Brazil, can apply fulfilling the attached CONCEPT NOTE template. The deadline to submit an application is 15th of March, 2018.

This Phase II will provide and finance individual Technical Assistance to at least 80 selected projects..

What is Technical Assistance?

Is the support given during the project study phase so as to turn the initiative into a fully-fledged, bankable proposal ready to be submitted to investment facilities/financial institutions.

The dimension of the assistance will be supported by LCBAB in the following conditions:

Click on the documents below to download them:

Fulfilled Concept Notes need to be sent to the following email address: [email protected]  Our team will review each of the applications and give direct feedback before considering a closed application.

You can reach us anytime to solve doubts or enquiries you might have or to arrange a meeting with us:

[email protected]

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