Convocatoria – Búsqueda de expertos en áreas de mejora ambiental

Posted by aclimaadmin | febrero 12, 2021 | Noticias del Sector
Convocatoria abierta para buscar expertos que puedan formar a «cluster managers» en áreas de mejora ambiental (Green Transition).
The new »Towards Green Transition» Facility aims to enable ECCP clusters to promote green transition skills amongst their members through technical advisory support by resource efficiency advisors. The clusters will be trained and advised on a range of green transition topics so they can support their cluster members (i.e. SMEs) to become more resource-efficient.

Intended benefits of this Facility:

  • Improved resource efficiency of European SMEs within ECCP clusters;
  • Support for green entrepreneurship through hands-on technical advice and support;
  • Best use of opportunities of greener and more efficient value (supply) chains;
  • Facilitated market access for green SMEs within clusters.


  • Resilient business models
  • Tapping into sustainable investments
  • Greening business processes
  • Optimising your water consumption
  • Maximising your energy efficiency
  • Decreasing your product waste
  • Lowering your carbon footprint
  • More sustainable use of materials
  • Reducing your emissions
  • Advancing sustainable innovation
  • Other…

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