DIATOMIC Open Call#2 for Application Experiments

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The second (and final) DIATOMIC call for application experiments aims to accelerate solutions that apply electronic components, sensors, smart objects and systems across health, agrifood and manufacturing (Industry 4.0) sectors. Total funding amount: € 1.610.000.

Deadline: 31 January 2019

DIATOMIC ecosystem invites small consortia to design, develop, experiment and market innovative, smart SAE applications, which will facilitate Advanced micro-electronics components and Smart System Integration (AME/SSI) based innovation in the health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors. The consortia should consist of 2 to 3 partners consisting of:

  • AME/SSI Technology providers: Technology SMEs, Competence Centres, Research Centres and academia
  • Technology adopters/users: SMEs/mid-caps active in any of the three targeted sectors. Please note that the digitalization of non-tech SMEs is a focus on DIATOMIC.

The goal is for applicants to propose the development of novel products/processes along with relevant experiments making use of AME and SSI technologies, quantifying the benefits of digitization to further stimulate digital thinking.

DIATOMIC ecosystem targets the health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors. The budget breakdown per target sector that will be addressed, as well as the budget distribution among the calls and among the sectors, are shown below. Based on the above rules, the minimum and maximum numbers of experiments per call are planned as following:

DIATOMIC funding for Open Call #2: ≤ 1.610.000€
Total funding for DIATOMIC Open Calls: 3.000.000€
Funding per sector in Open Call #2:

Manufacturing: 40%

Health: 25%

Agrifood: 25%

Others: 10%

Number of application experiments funded: 15 – 42
Number of entities supported: 30 – 140

With respect to the addressed sectors, DIATOMIC will focus on application experiments in the three sectors, putting emphasis on Open Call#2 to the manufacturing domain.

DIATOMIC will finance experiments carried out by the most talented actors exploiting advanced micro-electronics and smart system integration in the three targeted sectors. Along the experiments, DIATOMIC partners/ network will provide strong (i) technological support covering wide palette of technologies and (ii) business development coaching.

DIATOMIC experiments will be divided in 3 phases, which characterize the phase of development of the experiment and also defines the payment to respective consortium leaders:

  • Phase 1 – Design (1-2 months): o Within this stage experiments are to be planned and detailed, jointly – experiment consortium leader and Digital Innovation Hub representative – design a work plan of the different activities and resources to be executed along the experiment duration. This information will be included in a project deliverable. o Positive assessment of this phase deliverable/deliverables may release a payment of up to 40% of the total sub-project funding (with a total value ceiling of €30.000,00).
  • Phase 2 – Develop (6-9 months): o Within this stage, the sub-projects perform their technical developments and realises the work plan. At least one deliverable will be prepared by the experiment, which will be the demonstration of the experiment development results. o Positive assessment of this phase deliverable/deliverables may release an additional payment, so that the total funding of Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be up to 70% of the total sub-project funding.
  • Phase 3 – Market (2-3 months): o Within this stage experiments focus on exploitation of the results/ achievements (preparation and performance of demonstrations; contacts with potential partners, investors, customers; be present at conferences/ events to promote and sell experiment achievements/ results). At least one deliverable will report on market associated activities (even the ones performed along the experiment development). o Positive assessment of this phase deliverable/deliverables will make the remaining payment of the DIATOMIC fund eligible. However, due to 15% project funds retained by EC, the total funding to be released after Phase 3 will be up to 85%, while the final 15% of the sub-project funding will be released from DIATOMIC to the sub-projects only after the EC transfers the final funding to the DIATOMIC consortium.

The maximum sub-project duration will be 15 months and should finish at least 2 months before the end of DIATOMIC project. As such reviews are scheduled to meet this requirement. Yet sub-projects with shorter duration may have development and market review together at end of month 10.

Please find more details on the call, eligibility criteria, guidelines for applicants and other call documents here.

DIATOMIC is an EU H2020 funded project, which aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem, which will facilitate Advanced micro-electronics components and Smart System Integration (AME/SSI) based innovation in the health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors, all of which are under-digitized and of prime importance for the European society and the economy. Ultimate goal of DIATOMIC is to support the take-up of electronic components, sensors, smart objects and systems by providing the means to gain access (i) for SMEs, academia and research institutes to advanced design and manufacturing facilities and (ii) for SMEs to rapid prototyping capabilities.

DIATOMIC consortium is a fusion between: technological research centres (IPA, IPN and BIOS), CCs (INTRA, LIB and SYN), innovation consulting (INO), SMEs community (F6S) and investors (FASTT). DIATOMIC ecosystem draws from the advanced technological excellence of the DIATOMIC consortium to execute three sector-specific cross-border Application Experiments (as best practices) to help technology adopters, end-users and smart solution developers realise tangible benefits of digitization. In-house excellence in dissemination is leveraged to ignite further ideation of digital products, processes and business models from non-tech SMEs and midcaps; thus promoting interest in experimentation with AME and SSI.

Two open calls are organised to attract and select the best of the best consortia, consisting of tech adopters, tech providers and Competence Centres (CC). Application Experiments will be funded to generate AME/SSI-based products, processes and business models with strong market potential.

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