Open-es, the digital platform for the sustainable supply chain development

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A digital platform connecting companies that want to pursue the sustainable development of their businesses. It is called Open-es, an innovative initiative established by the collaboration between Eni, Boston Consulting Group and Google Cloud.

Digitalisation is increasingly seen as a driver for sustainability and it is an important support for companies to align themselves with the EU’s challenging path to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and with the new ambitious goal of cutting at least 55% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Open-es, the digital platform established through the partnership between Eni, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud, is a good example of this since it exploits the potential of digital technology to help companies meet challenging climate targets and reach energy transition.

Indeed, Open-es is a systemic initiative that involves all companies in a common path of improvement and growth on sustainability performances.

Open-es, launched on March 31st and available at, is open to both suppliers and clients and it enables all companies to measure, monitor and share their sustainability performances and the ones of their supply chain with a simple and flexible approach, so that they can play a leading role in the growth of their industrial ecosystem in terms of sustainable development.

More than 2400 companies from 47 countries and 57 different sectors have already joined Open-es, which is a real online community in which the entire ecosystem of companies can partake in a collaborative, non-competitive process for common growth across the four pillars of sustainability: Planet, People, Economic Prosperity and Principles of Corporate Governance.

These four pillars are the basis of the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) metrics defined by the World Economic Forum and the International Business Council (IBC) as a part of the ‘Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics’ initiative. Eni, along with 61 other international companies, has committed to supporting these metrics, which are at the basis of the data model underlying Open-es.

The ESG metrics have been selected for their clarity and versatility, enabling all companies – from small and medium-sized enterprises to sector leaders – to measure themselves against a path of growth and development on the values of sustainability, towards a widespread awareness throughout the value chain.

Open-es allows companies to create their own sustainability profile and grant access to their data to different customers and stakeholders without duplicating information and activities; to obtain analyses and benchmarks and understand their positioning compared to similar realities; to access a dedicated development plan and useful services to grow and improve; to share experiences and enhance their environmental, social and economic sustainability best practices, as well as ask for and offer support.

Therefore, in line with the role that Eni wants to play as a leading company in the energy transition process, through Open-es, the company makes its industrial experience and the sustainable development path available to the entire energy supply chain and also to other industrial sectors in order to promote the development of a strong sustainable ecosystem.

On the day of the Open-es launch, Claudio Descalzi, Eni’s CEO, commented: “This operation marks an important step towards creating strong synergies throughout the business processes to allow the acceleration of climate targets”.

“Eni”, he added, “aims to promote this tool and to share its experience and expertise in all areas of sustainability, but the real goal is to create an inclusive system for as many companies as possible, and an environment for everyone to achieve a common goal of a full integrated industry sustainability through making continuous operational and technological improvements”.

Indeed, Open-es is characterised by an evolutionary path that, also through user feedback, will be able to constantly improve and enrich its functions and services.

As well as this, it aims to become a concrete digital instrument for sustainable procurement, promoting open and inclusive processes so that the entire ecosystem of companies can achieve ambitious climate goals and contribute to the development of a better future for the planet.

Fuente: Euractive

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