PET sheet producers want support for circularity

Posted by aclimaadmin | 09/10/2018 | Noticias del Sector

The PET value chain is urging European policymakers to support the industry’s circularity rather than focus on the reduction of PET trayconsumption.

In a press statement, PET Sheet Europe argued that the EU Single Use Plastics Directive Proposal – currently under assessment by the European Parliament – contradicts the work that industry has done in recent years to increase levels of recycled content in PET trays.

Today, PET sheet is highly recyclable and there is a growing trend in collection across Europe. In addition, PET sheet manufacturers use an average of 45 per cent of recycled material, says PET Sheet Europe, which is part of the EuPC sector group.

The group accepts that more work can and must be done, but argues that non-binding targets are hampering the separate collection of trays and other PET sheet-based products (trays, cups and lids). Accordingly, increasing the collection rate is of utmost importance. If trays are properly designed, collected and sorted, they are circular.

PET Sheet Europe made a commitment to the European Commission that the average recycled content of its members’ products will be raised to 70 per cent by 2025.

The group was created in 2017 by EuPC and was initially comprised of ten major producers in Europe including 4PET Holding, AFG Packaging, Aliplast, Coexpan Montonate, Ergis, kp, Kruschitz Plastics & Recycling, Linpac, MP3 and Sky-Light.



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