EU Funded Circular Economy Projects to be Showcased at Ecomondo in Rimini

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This year’s Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini from 6-9 November will showcase European projects financed via four different programs by means of the European Union’s agency Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The year’s Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini from 6-9 November will showcase European projects financed via four different programs (COSME, LIFE, Horizon 2020 and EMFF) in the South Foyer, by means of the European Union’s EASME agency (Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises).

The projects are all managed by the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) and receive funding from one of the programmes that EASME implements on behalf of the European Commission: Horizon 2020 Energy EfficiencyHorizon 2020 EnvironmentCOSMELIFE, and the European Innovation Council pilot’s SME Instrument.

The projects include energy retrofit packages to make existing buildings more energy efficient, a lighting system combining sustainability and design, a solution to and recover valuable raw materials from complex construction and demolition waste, an alternative to plywood made from mixed plastic waste and innovative noise-reducing asphalt mixes.

The European Commission’s stand is located in the “Hall Sud”. The 38 beneficiaries will showcase their products and solutions developed to help the EU’s transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy.

The organisers said that the move confirms the expo’s role as a European reference point for the circular economy at top institutional level. A close relationship has been formed through the years with various interlocutors and organisations of the European Commission, which has become a constant presence in the program of events.

This year, the participation of the European Commission in Ecomondo will be further strengthened by the presence of an EC stand.

The aim is to promote European financing in the Circular Economy context. The Commission, through EASME, will bring 37 projects from all over Europe to the expo, demonstrating how financing has stimulated the introduction of circular processes in various contexts. The companies will alternate in the six exhibit spaces around the stand’s perimeter.

EASME officials will also be at the disposal of Ecomondo attendees interested in discovering more about the possibilities of financing provided by the various European programs. With a speed dating format, visitors, buyers and exhibitors will be able to book a meeting with the EASME agency’s experts.

But that’s not all. Another European Commission initiative will be the creation, at Ecomondo, of a sort of Virtual Tour among the exhibitors who in the past have already received European financing, indicated with a sticker with the European Union logo outside the individual stands.


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