Novel technology for conversion of plastic, packaging and agricultural waste

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A UK bioenergy and biorenewables SME has developed technology that converts plastic, packaging & crop waste to electricity, process heat & commodities. It provides off-grid access to reliable, affordable electricity as well as containerised power-generation, which is quick and easy to deploy and enables the use of all types of agricultural and manufacturing waste. The company is seeking strategic partners and project collaborations through licence, technical or research cooperation agreements.

The UK SME is a bioenergy and biorenewables technology developer with factory facilities and a technology incubator. The company’s mission is to be one of the fastest-growing integrated clean energy production specialists driving carbon negative engineering, offering process design, installation & commissioning services to deliver systems that convert customer waste streams into biochar, renewable energy and value-added chemicals in a social, economic and environmentally responsible manner. The company has developed a novel technology which turns waste biomass into a decentralized source of combined heat, power and value-added commodities e.g. biochar smokeless fuel briquettes.

This technology is designed to handle a much wider range of feedstocks than the conventional gasifier technologies currently on the market. By processing high volumes of cheap, abundant waste materials, the technology will be able to provide clean-carbon neutral heat and power at a very competitive unit cost per kWh. – The company was incorporated in May 2017 and within one year it successfully tested its proof of concept. – In 2018 the company was awarded funding to develop a prototype which is scheduled to commence operation early in 2020. – By November 2018 the company filed its first international patent. – In February 2019, the company was awarded a grant to conduct a 12-month feasibility study in Nigeria, supported by a consortium of six international partners The company is offering a commercial trial to convert waste into renewable heat, power and value-added commodities, using their UK-based pilot plant.

Technical or research collaboration agreements are envisaged. The company is also looking to conduct onsite trials with test-case partners in different sectors, with a view to awarding commercial licenses to successful partners for the commercialisation of the technology. Areas of significant interest include: plastic waste handlers, recyclers and reprocessors, packaging manufacturers, plastic product manufacturers, anaerobic digestion (AD) operators, fermented beverage manufacturers, distilleries, and food manufacturers. As part of plans to develop their unique business model, supply chain and route to market, the company is also open to discuss other types of cooperation with potential customers and project collaborators.

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