Spanish soccer professionals score with recycled tyres

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UK firm Murfitts Industries has created a soccer pitch made from recycled tyres for Spanish soccer champions FC Barcelona.

The recycled polymeric infill is called PRO-gran and is being used across four continents since its launch in 2017. The artificial grass is said to ‘last a lifetime’ and is compliant with strict chemical legislation (REACH).

Won’t become microplastics

FC Barcelona’s own medical team was involved in testing the material to ensure it met all requirements for player safety. The soccer club confirmed the recycled grass contains no heavy metals and releases no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. An added benefit is that the material does not break down into microplastics.

Murfitts Industries recycles around 12 million discarded tyres per year, making it one of the largest tyre recyclers in the UK. It says it achieves 100% recycling of rubber, steel and fibre for the production of its rubber granulate and crumb rubber products. Popular applications include sporting  surfaces, paths, carpet underlay and modified asphalt.

Global reach

‘FC Barcelona are renowned for producing high-quality football so it’s only fitting that they build a high-performance pitch which takes into consideration the safety of the players,’ says managing director Mark Murfitt.

PRO-gran made its debut at Shelford Rugby Club outside Cambridge and at Cirencester FC. The infill is now played on from Hamilton FC to Liverpool Hope Park in the UK, from SV Loosdrecht in the Netherlands to Sam Yuk Soccer Field in Macau.



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