‘World’s first’ automated mattress recycling machine

Posted by aclimaadmin | 19 urria, 2016 | Sektoreari buruzko albisteak

The Furniture Recycling Group (TFR Group) claims to have designed, developed and produced the world’s first automated pocket spring recycling machine.

Designed internally by the Lancashire company’s engineers, the machinery dismantles and separates the components for pocket springs within mattresses, reducing the process from taking more than half a day per full pocket spring to two and a half minutes.

Pocket spring-based mattresses present specific challenges to recyclers because they consist of between 1,000 and 10,000 single springs, each wrapped inside a textile-based polypropylene pocket.

Traditionally, the only way of recycling them was to manually separate each spring from the pocket with a knife, which is time-consuming and commercially unviable.

Rather than being recycled, the pockets would have been either sent to the UK’s only scrap dealer that accepts pocket springs, at a large cost, where they are mixed into other scrap or, due to the excessive cost of scrapping the springs, sent to landfill.

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