Misión de matchmaking a Brasil en el área “WASTE MANAGEMENT & BIOGAS”

Misión de matchmaking a Brasil en el área “WASTE MANAGEMENT & BIOGAS”

21novTodo el día24Misión de matchmaking a Brasil en el área “WASTE MANAGEMENT & BIOGAS”

Detalles del evento

As part of the Institutional Network that supports Low Carbon Business Action, we are glad to inform that the CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for the EU-financed matchmaking-mission on  WASTE MANAGEMENT & BIOGAS is opened.

From August 21st to September 24th
Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil
International Business Matchmaking Programme for SMEs from Brazil and the EU 28-Member States


The matchmaking mission is organized in line with the event “Waste Expo 2017¨  and has the institutional partnership with Sebrae (Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio à Micro e Pequena Empresa) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN/IBICT)

Companies shall apply directly at LCBA website at:  http://www.lowcarbonbrazil.com/MM-WASTE-MNGMT

Should you have any questions, please contact us at  info@lowcarbonbrazil.com

Technologies & Opportunities

LCBA has identified the technological routes for the target sub-sectors, also indicating the business potentials for European Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Brazilian market, both for technology and service providers with the aim to promote the establishment of cooperation and partnership agreements.

  • Solid Waste Management: Consulting, planning, logistics, monitoring and information and communication tools (ICT)
  • Solid Waste Management: Collection and transportation
  • Solid Waste Management: Technology or equipment for sorting/separation
  • Solid Waste Management: Processing and upgrading of recyclable solid waste as input materials for production processes
  • Reverse Logistics: Planning, consulting, operationalization
  • Organic Waste Management: Composting
  • Biogas production: Engineering and project implementation
  • Biogas production: Manufacture or supply of biodigestors or other equipment
  • Biogas production: Upgrading or compression
  • Biogas use: Operations and maintenance for heat generation
  • Biogas use: Operations and maintenance for power generation
  • Biogas: Monitoring, metering or control systems and equipment
  • Waste-to-energy from agricultural waste (biomass)
  • Waste-to-energy from animal waste (livestock)
  • Waste-to-energy from urban and construction waste



noviembre 21 (Martes) - 24 (Viernes)


São Paulo - SP, Brazil

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