KIC InnoEnergy Award 2016

Posted by aclimaadmin | 27/09/2016 | Ayudas y subvenciones

KIC InnoEnergy Award 2016 for the best cleantech start-up in Spain and Portugal

The vision of KIC InnoEnergy is to become the leading engine for innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable energy. With the aim of promoting cleantech businesses in Spain and Portugal, KIC InnoEnergy Iberia is organising its third KIC InnoEnergy Award for the best cleantech start-up.

With this award, KIC InnoEnergy seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To discover more companies related to cleantech sector which may be in line with KIC InnoEnergy’s mission.
  • To promote business spirit and technological innovation in the cleantech field, with a view to contributing to the social and economic development of Spain and Portugal.
  • To help pioneer technologies in the scleantech sector to reach the market.
  • To raise awareness about the acceleration program offered by KIC InnoEnergy Iberia.
  • Capture new ventures that are willing to start the Highway or Boostway KIC InnoEnergy acceleration program


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