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The Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil (LCBAB) is a European-funded initiative that aims at engaging Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from Europe with Brazilian companies, supporting them build new partnerships and to implement low carbon technology in business initiatives in Brazil.

The LCBAB will approve and give financial support through technical assistance services to around to 80 selected projects. Those projects will need Services Providers to aid with the successful implementation in the Brazilian market.

We believe this to be a business opportunity for your organization or your associates; hence, we invite you to register as a Service Provider in our website. Only registered and homologated providers will be able to provide services to the selected projects and have access to the financial aid provided by the EU.

The registration can be done as «Legal Entity», as well as «Individual». Registration and it should be made online directly on our website at the «PROVIDERS» session or click here to access the page directly.

You can find a guideline for the registry procedure by clicking here.

The register is open now and will be available until 09 of May 2018. The registration process for Service Provider is free.

There will be services opportunities for the following areas:

  • Market, Economic and Financial Feasibility Studies
    • Economic and financial modeling: investment estimation and future resource consumption, income-cost modeling, cash-flow analysis, etc;
    • Market Research: value chain (dimension and analysis, clients (demand and dimension), identification of competitors, identification of technology & market partners.
  • Technical Feasibility Studies
    • Social, Environmental and technical screening process;
    • Scoping, laboratory tests, design and integration, comparison of configurations, development of heat/mass balances;
    • Baseline studies, performance indicators establishment;
    • Engineering services, development of pilot layouts;
    • End user training programs, training for employees.
  • Potential Impact Assessment
    • Environmental impact assessment: impact on GHG reduction, impact on the non-GHG reduction, Natural Resource Management, non-desired impact, etc;
    • Financial impact assessment and cost-benefit analysis: Impact in terms of economic return, impact on technology excellence, impact on sectorial management, impact in employment generation.
  • Legal Advice
    • Mapping of certification and authorizations: calculation;
    • Intellectual property rights protection: technology transfer registration, franchise system;
    • Advice on applicable taxation: tax rate for foreign companies, deductions and tax credits, other taxes applicable;
    • Other legal advice: contractual and collaboration scheme, Legal status of EU companies in Brazil, Environmental incentives.
  • Financial Advice and facilitation with financial bodies
    • Financial Advice: TA on access to finance;
    • Facilitation with Financial bodies: access to financial bodies and institutions, etc.
  • Others
    • Certification Services;
    • Administrative and Logistical Services;
    • Sworn Translator Services;
    • etc.

Those services would be applied on the following sectors:

•    Low Carbon Agriculture and Forestry Activities;
•    Renewable Energy Production and Consumption;
•    Industrial Processes & Energy Efficiency in Industry;
•    Waste Management & Biogas;
•    Energy Efficiency in the Building Industry.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with:

Albert Bano – Project Advisor – [email protected]m.br
Bruno Luciano – Project Advisor – [email protected]com.br


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