Making recycling the standard in growing energy storage sector

Posted by aclimaadmin | noviembre 6, 2020 | Noticias del Sector

US firm Renewance is collaborating with GlidePath Power Solutions  to advance battery recycling and repurposing efforts for the energy storage industry.

Renewance provides battery decommissioning, collection, re-use, software solutions and recycling services to the rapidly growing energy storage industry. It was one of the fifteen winners of the 2019 Department of Energy Battery Recycling Prize, awarded with US$ 67 000 (EUR 57 000) grant money to advance reverse logistics.

Through the new partnership with Glidepath, the partners will employ the Renewance Connect platform to manage its energy storage portfolio from top to bottom. This platform will help reduce operating costs and complexity for GlidePath, while increasing the environmental benefits of the company’s battery storage assets.

Renewance estimates hundreds of millions of lithium-ion batteries are currently being deployed across America, thus elevating the need for better regulatory compliance, environmental protection, and conservation of precious metals.

‘Our portfolio of energy storage projects has been growing for some time now and, in order to sustain this upward trajectory, we are thinking ahead about the full life cycle of batteries,’ comments Chris McKissack, ceo of GlidePath. ‘Teaming with Renewance is an important step toward making battery recycling and re-use standard practice in energy storage.’

‘Partnerships like these are critical if we are to improve the overall sustainability of renewable energy solutions aided by battery storage,’ adds Anne Foster, head of ESG at Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, of which Glidepath is a portfolio company.

‘The industry needs to resolve the recycling and re-use case upfront, not down the track. Renewance and Glidepath are doing just that and we compliment them both. Quinbrook is strongly committed to ESG and sustainable investing and innovations in recycling and re-use of batteries is an increasingly important “must have” solution.’

Fuente: Recycling International

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