Nature insurance Value NAIAD project

Posted by aclimaadmin | junio 19, 2018 | Noticias del Sector

NAIAD is an ambitious attempt, to operationalise the insurance value of ecosystems for water related risk mitigation, by developing and testing concepts, tools and applications on 9 demo sites across Europe, under the common concept of Nature Based Solutions (NBS).

NAIAD is a project aiming to:

  1. Develop concrete Nature Based Solutions (NBS) approaches in response to flood and drought risks at 9 demo sites across EU,
  2. Deliver replicable methods for its implementation,
  3. Work on development of financial instruments and novel business models in support for their implementation,
  4. Contribute to academic knowledge on NBS planning, increase capacity of policy decision makers to integrate NBS in development planning and contribute to general awareness of need of NBS and socio-economic opportunities arising with their implementation at local, regional or EU level.

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Fuente: NAIAD


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