Projects selected in low carbon Brazil advance under technical phase

Posted by aclimaadmin | febrero 14, 2019 | Noticias del Sector

Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil started in September 2015 and brought together over 300 Brazilian and European companies. Over the last two years, several business rounds have been held to select about 100 projects within the low carbon economy. Under this major initiative funded by the European Union, some projects are already at an advanced stage, including studies on technical and financial feasibility and environmental impact.

The project by ME-LE Biogas GmbH, a German company with a subsidiary in Brazil specialized in treating waste from agriculture and industry by means of biogas production, serves as an example.

The project consists of developing the first automated biodigestor for Santa Clara Álcool de Cereais S/A to treat corn vinasse and produce biogas, generate energy or produce biomethane.

Among the stages which are part of the technical phase of the project is the adaptation of European biodigestors to the Brazilian climate and the estimation of energy generation. «Our studies have already indicated that the material available will be enough to generate Biogas equivalent to a capacity of 3.2 MW.el. We will work mostly with components made in Brazil and will adapt our technology to the climatic and legislative conditions in the country. In the case of some key components which do not have the necessary quality, they will be manufactured here at ME-LE along with partners», observes Christian Belt, Project Manager at ME-LE Biogas GmbH Brazil.

At the moment, the company is analysing costs to know which will be more financially feasible after treating corn waste: generating electricity or producing biomethane.

«With the project approved, I believe we will be under implementation/execution phase by the second semester», adds Belt.

The solution proposed by ME-LE will take an innovative biodigestor system to the state of Mato Grosso, allowing Santa Clara Álcool de Cereais to establish a new market of waste applicable to power plant technology. Those plants will provide power to local or regional end users and will also generate jobs and profitability for the region.



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