The European Sustainability Award

Posted by aclimaadmin | julio 11, 2018 | Ayudas y subvenciones

In 2018 the European Commission launched for the first time ever a European Sustainability Award to reward the efforts and creativity of European people, businesses and organisations.

The ambition of this award is clear: championing inspiring cases of initiatives that are turning the global Sustainable Development Goals into concrete solutions and opportunities.

Given the cross-cutting nature of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Sustainability Award focuses on a specific theme, linked to the annual theme chosen by the High Level Political Forum of the United Nations.

For this year’s edition, the theme of the award is “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”.

The competition is open to 4 stakeholder categories:

  1. Youth;
  2. Public bodies;
  3. Private bodies;
  4. Civil society.

The winners will be announced by the European Commission First-Vice President Frans Timmermans and Vice-President Jyrki Katainen during a high-level ceremony in spring 2019. The award is immaterial and brings high visibility in the form of renewed public interest and increased media coverage.

Interested? Then don’t wait any longer and find out how to enter the competition here. The deadline for applications is 14 September 2018. You may be the next European Champion of Sustainable Development!

For any questions on the award, please contact the Secretariat-General: [email protected].

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