European Climate Neutral Industry Competitiveness Scoreboard (CINDECS) – Annual Report 2022

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This report is the second annual report of European Climate Neutral Industry Scoreboard, which builds on the findings and framework developed in the study, ‘Climate neutral market opportunities and EU competitiveness’, conducted by the ICF and Cleantech Group for DG GROW in 2019-2020. The objective of the scoreboard is to assess the EU’s competitive position in climate-neutral solutions across important industrial ecosystems related to the energy transition. The previous assessment, the 2021 annual report, analysed 20 climate-neutral solutions, in the ecosystems of renewable energy, energy-intensive industry, mobility-transport-automotive, construction and electronics. This report provides an update of these 20 solutions and adds eight new climate-neutral solutions. The scoreboard is based on ten key indicators: public R&D investment, early and later stage private investment, patenting activity, number of innovating companies, employment, production, turnover, imports & exports and trade balance. The analysis for each indicator is presented through a number of supporting sub-indicators, described in the summary of the assessment methodology, data collection and sources. For more details on the methodology, readers should consult the respective CIndECS technical document, on the protocol of the assessment methodology.

Fuente: Comisión Europea

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