Climate-intelligent city (eco)design: the benefits of urban climate services

Climate-intelligent city (eco)design: the benefits of urban climate services

22mayTodo el díaClimate-intelligent city (eco)design: the benefits of urban climate services

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Due to the high concentration of people, infrastructure and economic activity, cities are extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as heat waves and flash floods.

In addition, dense concentrations of impervious artificial surfaces, such as buildings, roads, and pavements – typical of urban areas – tend to amplify climate extremes, and hence costs.

Given this vulnerability, it is clear that cities are in need of tailor-made urban climate information that accounts for their particular physical and socio-economic characteristics so as to assist decision-making at local government level.

Cities have a unique opportunity to use advanced climate services to become greener, safer and to enhance the quality of life of their inhabitants. This two-hour event, organised within the framework of the H2020 project Climate-Fit, will showcase how three urban sectors – urban planning, active mobility and emergency management – benefit from tailored urban climate services and facilitate the (eco)design of intelligent cities.

Speakers include urban climate information providers and users (city planners) as well as EU and national decision-makers. Cities, regions, businesses and EU officials are invited to discuss and challenge the market potential of urban climate services while learning about their benefits.

The event is free of charge. Lunch will be served before the event from 12:00. Register using the registration form available on the event website and discover the opportunities climate services present for your city!

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