Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Although this new economic model affects all activities and sectors, Aclima, as representative of the environmental sector, is key to the Circular Economy. As an eco-industry, we work actively to reduce the environmental impact of processes, products and services throughout their life cycle, using eco-design to make products more durable, recycling waste, working towards refabrication, deploying composting technology, and lastly, conducting energy recovery and managing dumpsites safely as regards waste for which the means of recovery has yet to be discovered.

Aclima News

07 05 2021

Olga Martín Directora General de Aclima participó en un reportaje publicado el pasado domingo por El Correo, en el que...

06 05 2021

The organisations will collaborate to encourage green employment and digitise the environmental sector. The measures will support the objectives of...

30 04 2021

El objetivo del proyecto ORIENTING es analizar el impacto medioambiental, social y económico de los productos 17 organizaciones de 8...

30 04 2021

El Observatorio de Coyuntura Industrial, que reúne a 16 asociaciones clúster de Euskadi con el equipo de la consejera Arantxa...

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Editorial Line

The purpose of the “Editorial Line” group is to make Aclima influential on all environmental matters. These […]

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