We form part of the Basque Country environmental industry’s innovation ecosystem. We collaborate actively with the agents forming part of this – scientific and technological agents, institutions and companies – to initiate cooperation projects responding to the specific challenges in our sector.
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Aclima News

02 07 2021

Gipuzkoa posiciona al medio ambiente como palanca de competitividad para el sector de la construcción E-Const persigue promover proyectos de...

28 05 2021

Hoy se reúne el Grupo de Trabajo de Calidad ambiental de Aclima que  busca crear una oferta conjunta con base...

21 05 2021

The first working session within the C2Future project that Aclima is developing with 5 other European clusters has taken place...

07 05 2021

Olga Martín Directora General de Aclima participó en un reportaje publicado el pasado domingo por El Correo, en el que...

Working Groups

Contaminated Soils

Interest group composed of certified entities in contaminated soils. The main challenge […]

Controlled landfill

A group created by the 5 companies managing private non-hazardous waste […]

Public Water Management Entities in Euskadi

A group composed of 7 of the leading water consortia in Euskadi and URA, […]

Editorial Line

The purpose of the “Editorial Line” group is to make Aclima influential on all environmental matters. These […]