We are

We are

A reference and unifying force for Euskadi’s eco-industry and environmental services and products, this cluster represents the value chains in waste (reduction, reuse, refabrication, energy recovery, recycling and management), contaminated soils (investigation and recovery), integrated water cycle, air and climate change, ecosystems and Eco-efficient Production and Eco-design

Xabier Caño


Welcome to Aclima, the Basque Environment Cluster and meeting point in the environmental sector. Aclima is an organisation with a track record spanning over 20 years and a reference in the environmental sector in the Basque Autonomous Community (region). It has a human team comprising not only Aclima staff but also all the people in our partner enterprises who have much to offer you. The treasured knowledge built up throughout all this time offers us a privileged view of the Basque environmental sector, which is geared towards the development of new business opportunities.

Aclima’s mission is to drive forward public-private collaboration by spotting opportunities and setting up projects whose primary objective is to satisfy our partners. We strive to offer this added value to partners in fields such as internationalisation, innovation and activities designed to defend the sector.

I cannot miss this opportunity to get in touch with you; we want to get to know you, we want to support you and we believe that Aclima can help you achieve your aims. If you like the idea, I am sure that the path we can tread together will prove satisfactory for both parties.

Strategic PlanReport for 2020
  • Xabier Caño González (Chairperson) – SADER
  • Asier Ochoa de Eribe Iturrieta (Vicepresidente) – CEMENTOS REZOLA – HEIDELBERGCEMENT GROUP
  • Rafael Sagarduy Careaga (Secretary) – IDOM INGENIERIA Y CONSULTORIA, S.A.
  • Aitor Ulibarri (Treasurer) – GMSM
  • Iñaki Díaz de Olarte – FCC-ÁMBITO
  • Jon Viteri Solaun – AFESA
  • Elena Guede Vázquez – CEMENTOS LEMONA
  • Begoña Vallejo Maillo – CIMAS
  • Teresa Tejero – ONDOAN
  • Oscar Santa Coloma Mozo- TECNALIA
  • Esteban Marijuan – INDUMETAL RECYCLING
  • Xabier Caño González (Presidente) – SADER
  • Asier Ochoa de Eribe Iturrieta (Vicepresidente) – CEMENTOS REZOLA – HEIDELBERGCEMENT GROUP
  • Rafael Sagarduy Careaga (Secretario) – IDOM INGENIERIA Y CONSULTORIA, S.A.
  • Aitor Ulibarri (Tesorero) – GMSM
  • Iñaki Díaz Olarte Barea – FCC ÁMBITO
  • Jon Viteri Solaun – AFESA
  • Carlos Moreno – CEMENTOS LEMONA
  • Begoña Vallejo Maillo – CIMAS
  • Roberto Manterola Zárate – CESPA GR
  • Oscar González García – INGURU
  • Teresa Tejero Argüelles – ONDOAN
  • José Tesán Alonso – ENERGY GREEN
  • Esteban Marijuan – INDUMETAL RECYCLING
  • Oscar Santa Coloma Mozo- TECNALIA
  • Álvaro Sanpedro – GRUPO TRADEBE
  • Kristina Apiñaiz – AGRUPALAB
  • Jon Barrenetxea – GRUPO OTUA
  • Silvia Corulla – METALLO
  • Jon Ander Gil – QUILTON

Management &
Management Team

Olga MartinezAclima General Director
Aclima General Director

I head Aclima and coordinate the activities of the management team.

Mikel IbarraProject Director
Project Director

My functions at Aclima consist of invigorating and launching innovation initiatives in the cluster.

Begoña CastilloStandards and Quality Manager
Standards and Quality Manager

I coordinate activities on standards and manage working groups and collaboration projects.

Igor ArangurenInternational Trade Manager
International Trade Manager

I help companies collaborate to access international trade and bring in opportunities from abroad.

Rakel ReyesCommunications Manager
Communications Manager

I take change of everything that has to do with communications within Aclima: press relations, publications, the website, social networks, events, etc.

Maria José MirónAdministration Manager
Administration Manager

My tasks are control, analysis, monitoring and transparency in resource management and application.


What being in Aclima brings you


  • You will form part of the Euskadi environmental sector reference cluster.

We will represent you and defend your sector. We help improve your image with respect to institutions.

We facilitate contact between companies and other agents, thanks to the transversal nature of the environmental sector.

We bring you closer to public administration institutions.

Through Aclima, you are able to participate in the development of new environmental legislation in the Basque Autonomous Region.

We help you promote your image, products and services.

We organise specialist training based on member requirements.


  • You will be able to participate in a great organisation by contributing your skills.

Your participation in working groups and projects will improve your company’s competitiveness.

You will benefit from our platform for encounters between external and internal cluster supply and demand.

We will keep you updated on sector news, business opportunities and events.


We give you international visibility by acting as a tool for joint corporate positioning.

We help you obtain financing to promote your company abroad.

We identify international opportunities to the measure of your interests.


You will have contact with Basque Country industrial innovation ecosystem agents.

We help you find suitable partners for developing your innovation projects.

We offer the possibility of detecting business opportunities during your initial development phases

Our Members

As an environment cluster coherent with the principles of sustainable development and environmental care that we promote, we have implemented an environmental management system certified compliant with European EMAS standards.